Monday, July 14, 2008

The Hair Get Remixed

Myspace // "Half Cut" (The Sunshine Underground Remix) [mp3] // "Disco/Retro" [Video]

It's really not that surprising that The Hair have partnered up with The Sunshine Underground. The two bands both hail from West Yorkshire and their herky jerky dance rock is cut from the same cloth. While TSU are on the down low working on their second album, 2008 has been all business for The Hair -- their debut album (limited edition, only in Japan), Indecisions, came out and free download "Half Cut" is available on July 14th on their label, 4 plus 5 Records.

"Half Cut" was produced by James Kenosha (Grammatics/Duels/This Et Al/Wintermute) and features remixes from the aforementioned TSU, Breaking the Illusion and Rochelle.

Check out all of the remixes
here. The band has two local gigs this week to promote the release.

07/18: The Cockpit, Leeds - Support from Breaking The Illusion + Stop! Motion

07/19: The Duchess, York - Support from Rochelle

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