Thursday, July 10, 2008

Health Remix Album

Myspace // "Triceratops" (Acid Girls Remix) [mp3] // Health // Disco [Buy]

For the longest time, I thought all remix albums were self-indulgent and artistically lazy, and really, a lot of them still are, but Health is a smart band, one that is adroit enough to make a remix CD unlike any other. At times, it's not even listenable, but that's one of the charms of these guys. Unlike band of today's bands that are reaching backwards to go farther, Health just continues to reach ahead, so far in fact that it's sometimes tough to full wrap your head around what the fuck it is they are doing. But this isn't the sort of music that you should allow to go over your head, because for the most part, the band produces likable post-hardcore. What their music does require is time, and like any good novel, if you're willing to put in that time, then you'll be rewarded.

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Blogger Justin Snow said...

Well put. I didn't realize that it took some getting used to and kind of wrote it off at first. Not in a bad way though, it was just that I wasn't bowled over or anything. But it really grew on me after I listened to it more.

3:40 PM EDT  

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