Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heels Catch Fire

Myspace // "Smile" [mp3]

Heels Catch Fire played two shows last month at the Great Escape, but sadly I missed both of them due to the fact that the Brighton band and their shows weren't listed in the festival booklet. Since I probably won't have an opportunity to see them play any time soon, I'll have to bide myself with recordings of their
slightly off-kilter math-influenced brand of indie rock. The band comes highly recommended by Elle Milano and Dany, so you know they must be good. Make sure to check out their fairly new video for "Smile" (above), as it offers a wonderful look at the dreadful practice of speed dating.

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Blogger Justin Snow said...

That's some good stuff right there. I liked that song quite a bit. Nice video, too.

I really like your blog. I posted a link from your blog to mine, so I'll be checking back frequently.

12:20 PM EDT  

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