Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleeping States


Myspace // "Call Me" (Throwing Muses cover) [mp3]

Sleeping States is the pseudonym of Markland Starkie, a Midlands born multi-instrumentalist who now calls London home. Sleeping States' music offers up a wave of contradictions with Starkie, at times, juxtaposing lo-fi minimalist song construction and recording techniques with lush instrumentation and layers and layers of sound. You can almost expect the unexpected with Sleeping States, as songs sometimes start out mellow but slowly evolve into something quite different with the addition of a few instruments and a quickened tempo. The end result is interesting, compelling, and just gorgeous sounding music. Though I think the delicate pathos of "The Next Step" evokes the best of Red House Painters, I think fans of Rogue Wave and even the poppier Ra Ra Riot could easily find reasons to love Sleeping States.

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Blogger Patrick said...

Stumbled on this quite by chance, thanks to Hype Machine. It really is fantastic - I used to play the first Muses album to death as a teenager in the early 90s.

10:26 AM EDT  

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