Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wintermute: New Single

[Photo Credit: Nikki Radford]

Myspace // "Danny Likes Scene Girls" [mp3]

While Wintermute aren't blazing any new trails musically, they sure know how to make a good thing better. I suppose when you find a sound that you like, you sort of stick with it, right? This Leeds quartert doesn't drift far from the herky jerky stylings of Dartz! and The Futureheads, but with a bit more of a roller coaster journey. Each single sees the band growing bit by bit with tighter and more awe-inspiring songs, moving them from a band that wears their influences on their sleeves to a unit that is cocksure and blazing their own path.

The band's debut single "Gambling or Playing Cards?/Ask A Stupid Question" is out now as a limited edition clear 7" on Children No More Records.

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Anonymous vjb2 said...

When I was in college there were several names I would have liked to have named a band I didn't have, one of which was Wintermute. I don't know if it has a precedent, but I know it as the disembodied AI from William Gibson's Neuromancer.

8:41 PM EST  

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