Friday, February 01, 2008

Lo-Fi Culture Scene

Myspace // "Fast Forward" [mp3]

England has seen a glut of impressive teenage bands surface in the past year, like Pull in Emergency, These New Puritans, the FortyFives and Kets. North London's Lo-Fi Culture Scene might be the most impressive of all because no one in this quintet is older than 14 -- and they're quite good, obviously having spent plenty of time studying the works of heroes The Libertines, Bloc Party and Good Shoes. They've done quite a bit of gigging as well, sharing the stage with Foals, Sky Larkin, Look See Proof and quite a few others. They succinctly sum up their journey (of the last year) on their Myspace page -- "(We) have gone from playing the Park Avenue South Street Party to supporting Bloc Party at Concorde 2."

Expect a single later this year, which according to the band, will probably be "Abstract," backed by a new version of "Take It Or Leave It."


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