Friday, February 08, 2008

Lightspeed Champion

Myspace // "Tell Me What It's Worth" [mp3] // "Galaxy of the Lost" [Video] // "Midnight Surprise" [Video]

There are those bands that you set out to like and those that make you like them, and
Lightspeed Champion is definitely the latter as I didn't listen to the album until I got it for someone else. The group centers around Devonte Hynes, formerly of Test Icicles, along with a rotating cast of friends, including Florence of Florence and the Machine, Martin AKA The Train Chronicles and Emmy the Great, as well as Mike Siddell (ex-Hope of the States) on violin and Ryan Barkataki (ex-Snow White) on drums. While the band is just as eclectic as Hynes' previous outfit, the genres he recalls are much more accessible, such as classic pop and swirling pop-rock.

His debut album, Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, was released at the end of January in the UK and will hit the states in March on
Domino Records.

"Tell Me What It's Worth"


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