Friday, February 08, 2008

Forward, Russia!: New Album

Myspace // Life Processes [Video Preview]

Here's the deal on the band's new album:

As you hopefully already now, last summer we recorded our 2nd album Life Processes in Seattle, USA with Matt Bayles.

It has 11 tracks, ordered as such:

1. Welcome To The Moment (The Rest Of Your Life)
2. We Are Grey Matter
3. A Prospector Can Dream
4. Spring Is A Condition
5. Don't Reinvent What You Don't Understand
6. Some Buildings
7. Breaking Standing
8. Gravity & Heat
9. Fosbury In Discontent
10. A Shadow Is A Shadow Is A Shadow
11. Spanish Triangles

Now we are ready to release it.

Life Processes is released in the UK & EIRE on Monday 14th April 2008 through Cooking Vinyl.

A Europe & USA release date are still being confirmed, but Europe should be early May through Cooking Vinyl again, and USA mid-June through Mute N. America.

In the UK, before the album, we are releasing a new single from the album
"Breaking Standing" will be released on Monday 7th April on 2x7", CD and download.

Keep checking our Myspace over the next couple of days, because very soon you will be able to hear "Breaking Standing," and also "We Are Grey Matter" from the album.

And if that isn't enough, keep checking the site, as next week you will be able to download Spanish Triangles exclusively through


Blogger Beth said...

Weird. No numbers.

4:35 PM EST  
Blogger c said...

i am psyched - i love the energy this band delivers. epic.

5:34 PM EST  

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