Friday, July 20, 2007

New Les Savy Fav Album

“Up-beat, jaunty rock, deliberately curdled with dissonant guitar lines and critiques of capitalism.” – The New York Times

After six long years, NYC band Les Savy Fav is back with a new long player called Let's Stay Friends. Featuring guests like Enon, Eleanor Friedberger of Fiery Furnaces, Islands’ Nick Thorburn, Emily Haines of Metric, Black Heart Procession’s Joe Plummer and SNL cast member Fred Armisen, the album drops on 09/18 on French Kiss Records.

Let’s Stay Friends Tracklist
01. Pots & Pans
02. The Equestrian
03. The Year Before the Year 2000
04. Patty Lee
05. What Would Wolves Do
06. Brace Yourself
07. Rage in the Plague Age
08. Slugs in the Shrubs
09. Kiss Kiss Is Gettting Old
10. Comes & Goes
11. Scotchguard the Credit Card
12. The Lowest Bitter

[Myspace] Les Savy Fav
[mp3] "What Would Wolves Do"
[mp3] "The Equestrian"


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