Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Hours

If you search "The Hours" on Google, you'll find more hits for the overbearing film that won a ton of awards than the British band of the same name. It's a shame, because the band is much more interesting than Nicole Kidman in a fake nose. Case in point? The Hours' video for "Ali In The Jungle," which I've posted a few inches up. It's an inventive and surreal take on the big stage spectacular, portrayed through exquisitely beautiful computer generation.

The song itself is equally memorable, propelled forward by an ingeniously simple piano progression, gorgeous descending vocal lines, and fantastic lyrics about beating the odds--like Muhammad Ali's defeat of George Foreman in the so-called rumble in the jungle as the song title suggests. The lyrics probably come from a very personal place, as band member Anthony Genn struggled to overcome a heroin addiction in recent years (successfully, I might add). The theme may be heavy, but the song is not heavy handed--as evidenced by the wonderful last line of the chorus "like Ludwig Van/how I love that man/well the guy went deaf and didn't give a fuck."

Their single, "Ali In The Jungle," was re-released earlier this month on special 7" across the UK. You can also pick up their debut full length, Narcissus Road, in stores now.

[Myspace] The Hours
[mp3] "Ali In The Jungle"


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