Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Superbad: NYC + LA Screenings

Superbad is the latest project from producers Judd Apatow and Shauna Robertson [The 40 Year Old Virgin] and screenwriters Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen ["Da Ali G Show"]. The movie looks pretty funny and features Michael Cera [George Michael from Arrested Development] and Jonah Hill [Knocked Up], and fits into that whole smart-assed/awkward high school comedy genre. The movie opens on August 17th, but there are two early screenings this week in NYC and LA.

NYC: RSVP @ 212.833.5493 or superbadmovie@yahoo.com [Wed. June 27th at 7 pm]
LA: RSVP @ superbadmovieLA@cornerstonepromotion.com [Tues. June 26th at 7pm]

[Trailer] Superbad


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