Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Thurston Moore Album

Thurston Moore released his first solo album in 1995 and it's only taken him 12 years to prepare a follow-up. It's not like he's been sitting on his ass doing nothing, as Moore is the prototypical workaholic, but Moore is also a perfectionist who is able to craft songs that sound like nothing else. Trees Outside The Academy drops this September on Ecstatic Peace and it feels a lot like home, as Steve Shelley holds down the drums throughout the record, plus J Mascis, Christina Carter, Andrew Macgregor, John Moloney and Leslie Keffer all pop up as guests.

1. Frozen Gtr 4:06

2. The Shape Is In A Trance 4:39

3. Honest James 3:49

4. Silver>Blue 5:51

5. Fri/End 3:19

6. American Coffin 3:56

7. Wonderful Witches 2:24
8. Off Work 4:12

9. Never Day 4:01

10. Free Noise Among Friends :34

11. Trees Outside The Academy 5:50

12. Thurston@13 2:37

Thurston Moore
[Video] Album Preview


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