Monday, November 06, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 11.06.06]

11.06: The Lawrence Arms/American Princes @ Middle East Up
11.07: The Album Leaf/Now It's Overhead @ Middle East Down
11.08: She Wants Revenge/Placebo @ Roxy
11.08: Lucero/Rocky Votolato/William Eliot Whitmore @ Middle East Down
11.09: Lyrics Born/Cut Chemist/Edan @ Middle East Down
11.11: Imogen Heap @ Avalon
11.11: Campaign For Real Time/Ho-Ag @ Great Scott
11.12: Campaign For Real Time @ Great Scott
11.12: Heavens/Darker My Love @ Middle East Up

I am back from a very hectic week in NY for CMJ -- I saw close to 50 bands, and I was surprised that I was able to keep Exitfare going during that time. Thankfully Beth came through as the "Most Valuable Poster" through the last half of last week while I was running from meeting to showcase to interview. Things were definitely crazy for me, but I did see a ton of great bands. There were great sets from some of my old standbys [Silversun Pickups, Birdmonster, Cold War Kids], favorites from this year I saw for the first time [The Gray Kid, La Rocca, Division Day] and new bands that are going to make 2007 rule [The Black Lips, Dappled Cities]. I will have a full recap later this week. As for this week, I am going to take it easy on shows, but there is no way I am missing Placebo on Wednesday.


Anonymous David said...

Thanks a ton for all your help this past week. It means a lot.

10:45 PM EST  

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