Friday, October 13, 2006

The Sunshine Underground

No matter how good the trend, after a few years, a lot of the bands start sounding the same and it really is just time to move on. Leeds group The Sunshine Underground rise above the mix of boring imitators, which is why they have been an Exitfare favorite since last summer. Late August saw the release of their debut full-length Raise The Alarm, a party album that doesn't hesitate to push the envelope when need be. The album is both exactly what you would expect from the dance rock/new rave revival, but interesting enough to push the band above the fray. Look for the band on the road in the UK/Europe from now until the end of time, as well as some possible US dates next year.

Buy: Raise The Alarm
MySpace: The Sunshine Underground
Audio: "Put You In Your Place"
Audio: "Panic Attack"


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