Monday, October 16, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 10.16.06]

10.16: Art Brut/The Spinto Band/Toyko Police Club @ Middle East Down
10.18: Matters + Dunaway/Blanks @ Great Scott
10.18: Age Rings @ T.T. The Bears
10.18: Supersystem/Eyes Like Knives @ Middle East Up
10.19: Dirty On Purpose @ Great Scott
10.20: The Beauty Pill @ Great Scott
10.20: Rev. Glasseye/Mittens/Victory At Sea @ T.T. The Bears
10.20: Del The Funkee Homosapien @ The Paradise
10.20: You Am I/Figurines @ Middle East Up
10.22: Mosquitoes/Oppenheimer/Chop Chop @ T.T. The Bears
10.22: Maritime/Bound Stems/Charlene @ Middle East Up
10.22: Pony Up! @ Great Scott
10.22: Ben Kweller @ Avalon
10.22: Scissor Sisters/Small Sins @ Orpheum
10.22: Tally Hall/The Changes @ The Paradise Lounge

10.16: Art Brut/The Spinto Band/Tokyo Police Club @ Middle East Down
Who would have ever thought that people would get the joke and Art Brut would be successful in the States? Definitely not me. It's not like the band has gone platinum or they've been added to commercial stations across the country, but their album is selling a modest amount and people are turning up to see them in droves -- their shows are consistently sold out, and with good reason. The band isn't the tighest, and they aren't the most attractive group of people, but the band is fun to see while their songs are catchy. Could it be that Americans are finally getting irony? I doubt it, but on occasion, people in the States can rally around a band that doesn't suck.
MySpace: Art Brut
Audio: "Modern Art"
Audio: "Really Bad Weekend"


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Art Brut never fails to entertain.

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