Monday, January 23, 2006

Editors: Show review

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Last night at Great Scott, The Twenty Twos and Editors performed to a packed house, with the former band easily besting their last trip to Boston. While I am fan of Editors' The Back Room, the songs took on new life at the show, proving that the best place to experience a band is in front of a stage. Lead singer/guitarist Tom Smith boiled over with energy, frequently thrusting his guitar over his head and running back and forth on the tiny Great Scott stage. The band will be back this spring for SXSW and their debut album hits the States in April on The Fader Label.

Go over to Bradley's Almanac for mp3s of the entire show! Seriously! [I would also like to thank him for the above picture, too].

Audio: The Twenty Twos "She Does"


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