Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tired of the rain

This is what has been up lately: I didn't stay for Juliana Hatfield last week [I was too tired], I saw Bob Mould last Monday at the Dise [great times, super nice guy] and I hung out with a friend from DC this weekend. Awesome! Here is some stuff I've jumped on as of late.

Editors are from various points of England, and as an easy point of reference, they remind me of a Bristish Interpol, and well Interpol is essentially an American Joy Division. Funny how all of this works out! Anyway, their debut album The Back Room has yet to hit the States.


The Pipettes are a girl group [in classic sense] from Brighton, UK and since I live in Brighton, MA, I thought I'd check this group out. Ok ok, I mainly wanted to check them out cuz they're all hot, especially the one in the middle. Moving on...this is a group that would make Phil Spector proud!

"It Hurts To See You Dance So Well"

Dropping soon is the new album from Tom Vek called We Have Sound on Star Time in the States. Tom recorded the entire album by himself, in his own garage and has assembled a band to take the tunes to the masses, much like my boy Ted Leo has his Pharmacists. The album has a very British feel with a bits of electronic strokes thrown in for good measure.

"A Little Word In Your Ear"


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