Monday, October 03, 2005

didn't steal your boyfriend

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So Nemo was this weekend, and I got to see a ton of awesome bands. It's basically a smaller version of CMJ, and this is the ninth year is gone down in Boston. Highlights of the weekend include Oranger, Nine Black Alps, The Lot Six, and [I am not shitting you here] Ashlee Simpson Ashlee Simpson.

After work, I went out to dinner with Tim, Hilary and Chester Copperpot [who were here all of the way from Sweden for a wedding show in Jersey!]. They were great guys and it was a fun and relaxed sit down dinner, the type I don't have very often. Afterwards, I ran up to the Middle East for Nine Black Alps, who were playing upstairs. The Lot Six played downstairs, and their set was pretty decent although I could have dealt with less slow/jammy songs plus the sound was pretty fucking bad.

Saturday night's fun began around 5:30 with The Effects, who played at the Cambridge Elks Lodge. They are a young garage band that had flown in from Oklahoma to do a date here and some in NYC. They have a few pretty good songs and they ended with a gimmicky version of "Freebird" that was nonetheless really fucking awesome because it was note for note and the kid did not miss a beat!

While leaving the From Satellite show, Greg and I decided to hit up the Ashlee Simpson show next door. According to the bouncers, there was "only an hour left," but whatever, we only wanted to stay for a song or two. Avalon was filled with 15 year old girls, many of whom were dressed exactly like Ashlee [black skirt, white button shirt and a loose black tie], plus I saw at least 20 people filming the show. Of course this is a show to remember! The only song I wanted to hear, "Boyfriend," was played right after we got in and then she did that ridiculously shitty song "La La." Or as one of my music directors descirbed it, "It's not called 'La La,' it's called 'Fuck Me.' You know 'Fuck me on the kitchen floor.'" God, that show was such a trainwreck.

The night closed off on a high note from Oranger. Man, I totally love their new album [New Comes and Goes], and they played a healthy portion of it, despite skipping one of the best songs of the year, "Crones." They were pretty energetic, and at times, a couple members of Death Ray Davies would invade the stage to cause trouble or play an additional theremin.


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jealous, jealous, jealous. A true fan would have sat through Ashley's set, no matter how terrible it was. (she is tied for #2 on my list of pop stars to meet ya know)

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