Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things are back on track

Anyway, things have been pretty hectic and all with CMJ craziness and being sick, but I am going to get back to regular updates and all of that fun stuff. I've got a CMJ wrap-up to post, an M.I.A. show review to post and a weekend full of great Nemo shows to check out. Actually, I wanna run through some of those first.

First off, I pumped for two great shows at the Middle East on Friday night. Upstairs, Nine Blacks Alps is returning from the UK, which is a good thing. Their EP is off the chain, and although I have yet to drop 25 bucks for the import album, I am sure it is just as good.

Check out "Over the Ocean"

Saturday night at the Middle East, Oranger gets down with The Posies. These bands are a good match with a great fuzzy pop feel and it probably doesn't hurt that they share two members. Check out Oranger's great new album "New Comes and Goes" before everyone is listening to it.

Check out "Crones"


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