Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Weekend 2k5

Thank you, this needed to happen in the biggest way. I am so sick of hearing about this CBGB nonsense. Hilly Krystal is a shady motherfucker and most likely has bank accounts in Switzerland or some shit. How much money does he make off of CB's?

Rainer Maria completely ruled the shit last night at The Middle East. Kyle has lost the hipster hair and get-up, Bill wailed on the drums like the very first time I saw them in 1998 and the crowd was fun. Their new songs are great--the fifth album should be pretty hot with a very "Ears Ring"/"Connecticut Catholic" vibe and show ender "Tinfoil" hurt my hands.

"Black in the Eye" [a classic from the Post-Marked Stamps comp]

Oh yeah, what's going on this weekend?


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