Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Delorentos Are Breaking Up

Myspace // "Do You Realise" [mp3]

Yesterday, Delorentos announced some very sad news--that founding member Ronan decided to leave the band and, as a result, the group would be disbanding. Clearly, it's been a tough few months for the band who--regardless of their success in 2008--had their label deal fall through and their distribution company go bankrupt. Luckily, before they call it a day, all four members are going to record a new album together and maybe play a couple farewell shows.

I'm totally bummed, because I love love love their debut,
In Love With Detail, which is a shining example of perfect indie-rock. Though I never had a chance to see Delorentos play live, I'm hopeful that I'll actually get to see the other three members when they re-form as a new band sometime in the future. Keep checking their Myspace page for updates on the recording process and everything else.

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Blogger Ryan said...

Don't think I've ever heard of a band deciding to break up, then they record an album. (Maybe one last show or a string of shows, but never a record of new material!) That's pretty wild.

4:45 PM EST  
Blogger c said...

that is wild. i saw these guys play in nyc a couple years back. enjoyed their debut very much. nice guys, too.

10:57 PM EST  

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