Friday, August 29, 2008

Skins on BBC America

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I touched on it earlier this week, but forget the illegal downloads and dealing with the poor exchange rates -- "Skins" is finally available in the States on BBC America. The show is airing Sunday nights at 10pm EST/9pm CST. To simplify it, "Skins" is a British teen dramedy focusing on a cast of sixth form college students (ages 16-18) in Bristol that is at times like "Gossip Girl" or "The O.C."

"Skins" trailer

While the first season has just begun to air in the States, two seasons have been shown in the UK with a third slated for early '09, albeit with a different cast. Read more about that here. Not only is acting and writing top notch, but the music is excellent, featuring the likes of Bloc Party, The Decemberists, Cat Stevens and most noticeably, The Gossip, whose "Standing in the Way of Control" has become an unofficial theme song for the show. In season two, a few bands made appearances on the show, including Crystal Castles, Born Ruffians and longtime Exitfare favorites Foals.

The cast talks about music

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't watch it after seeing the original. all the swearing has been edited out, it's been subtitled on occasion, aand no nudity. I also wonder if the soundtrack is the same given licensing...

2:51 PM EDT  

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