Monday, August 04, 2008


Myspace // "Scenario" (Unreleased Version) [stream]

Let's talk about Q-Tip, everyone else is.

The former A Tribe Called Quest rapper has a solo album in the works. Hip Hop Galaxy reports that the album is to be titled The Renaissance and should be available late summer/early fall. Look forward to it, and if you forgot about Q-Tip, watch the video for "Vivrant Thing" here.

This J. Dilla produced track from '99 more than hints at Justin Timberlake's take on soulfunk filtered through hip hop lovesounds. "Vivrant Thing" is JT minus the falsetto thing.

Previously, Unkut had the lead on alternate versions of the hip hop classic "Scenario." Think of it as a detour down memory lane.

And finally, go to Diplo's Myspace page to hear "Work Brew," a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest. On "Work Brew," Diplo mixes in various Tribe beats and samples creating a work that is not so much cohesive as it is unconsciously whole.


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