Monday, January 14, 2008

The Far Cries


Myspace // "Black and Gold" [mp3]

As a belated holiday present to their fans, The Far Cries threw a few new tracks up on their Myspace page over the weekend. Showcasing the group's tremendous range, the songs delve into the upbeat electro-punk that made them famous and a newer, almost melancholy lo-fi sound. Falling into the former category, "Black and Gold" is a brash little song that's propelled forward by an electrified surf-rock guitar, male-female vocal interplay, and some great drum rolls. It's the type of stunner that you'd hear at the best underground dance party in London or New York, which seems to be The Far Cries' specialty. In contrast, "No Rest Nomadia" hits the other end of the spectrum with a much slower tempo, decidedly minimalist construction, and darker lyrical subject matter. But it works, which only makes me more excited to see what The Far Cries have up their sleeves.


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