Monday, December 03, 2007

The Maccabees Live

The Maccabees @ Piano's, New York (10.19.07)

Myspace // "Precious Time" [mp3]

When we first met up with The Maccabees back in December '05, they were just another band with a few good demos on their Myspace page. Despite releasing a string of great singles, I wasn't totally sold on their debut LP Colour It In -- everything sounded too clean and it lacked the spark and immediacy of those demos.

The true test of a band is the live show, and to put on a great show, a band needs to be playing like it has something to prove. And when I finally got to see The Maccabees at CMJ, that's exactly how their set went down. I was just able to wedge myself into Piano's downstairs room after the band had already begun playing, but my discomfort was worth it. Too many established bands from the UK come over with attitudes (umm hello Hard-Fi), but these guys played like their lives depended on it, and the crowd reacted positively. It was only after catching this set that the album finally clicked, easily making it onto my year end best of list.


Blogger JaneInMA said...

I first saw Hard-Fi two years ago when they supported the Cribs at Great Scott. They were sweet, friendly and down to earth. Not sure where you are getting your opinion from but I dont think it is 100% accurate. And at least Hard-Fi didnt blow off Boston which the Maccabees did. And I did/do want to see The Maccabees.

12:49 PM EST  
Blogger Dany said...

the maccabees didn't blow off boston, their tour routing just didn't bring them through the city.

the first time i saw hard-fi, they were all attitude and pretty whiny. the second time, they did a total 180 and put on a great show

1:00 PM EST  

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