Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Perishers: New Album!

The Perishers

Last month, I wrote about the stellar new record from The Perishers, Victorious. Calling it "the definition of great music," I used 300 words to describe why I thought the songwriting, melodies, and Ola Kluft's emotive voice were incredible. I won't do that again, but now that the release date is upon us I thought I'd quickly remind everyone about the album.

In a word, Victorious is FANTASTIC. With a good mix of the sanguine and the somber, the record is a journey of good days and bad,
love gained and lost, everything in between and then back again. It's this contrast of subject matter and emotional content that makes the album work on so many levels. More importantly, arguably, the songs are gorgeously lush, catchy, and memorable.

will be released properly in stores on Tuesday, but you can download it now on iTunes.

[Myspace] The Perishers
[mp3] "Victorious"


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