Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers

Tiny Dancers is not an Elton John tribute band. Believe it or not, they're not even named after the timeless classic of the same name. A pure coincidence, the band thought the phrase "tiny dancers" had a "good, positive feeling" and went with it. Any similarities with Mr. Crocodile Rock end there, at least musically.

Tiny Dancers play a brand of British rock that's on the twangy side, as if The Verve or the Stereophonics drank a little too much moonshine and started messing around with a steel string guitar and country harmonies. I've struggled with the best way to describe my favorite track, "I Will Wait For You," so I'll leave it at this--it feels like a booze soaked hootenanny. With a big, stomping beat dueling with an exuberant, driving guitar riff
and a huge sing-a-long chorus, the song overflows with a fun sort of energy. You'll have it on repeat for weeks.

[Myspace] Tiny Dancers
[mp3] "I Will Wait For You"


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