Thursday, May 31, 2007

David Bowie Reissues/Contest

I grew up listening to David Bowie, and I probably knew the chorus to "Rebel Rebel" before I could recite the alphabet. Bad parenting or a great song? You decide.

On June 5th there will be two quasi-new Bowie albums out for you to buy -- a reissued Young Americans, which sees the 1974 album expanded to a CD/DVD package featuring new mixes, interviews and his "Dick Cavett Show" performance. The Best of David Bowie 1980-1987: Sight & Sound will also hit shelves, and it features 19 tracks and 15 videos, including "The Drowned Girl" and "When The Wind Blows," which will be available for the first time.

First person to e-mail me gets one copy of each of these discs.

[Mypsace] David Bowie
[Stream] "Young Americans" [Windows Media] | [Quicktime]
[Stream] "Let's Dance" [Windows Media] | [Quicktime]


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