Friday, November 10, 2006

The On/Offs

The On/Offs

I'm probably completely off the mark, but The On/Offs remind me of a cross between The Jam, the poppiness of the early Beatles, and surf rock. Taking elements from those three styles and new post-punk sensibilities, the Northampton band creates quirky fun music that's just a little more punchy and driving than anything that came out during the 60s. Don't believe me? "Forget Your Head" is a bouncey track full of three part harmonies, upbeat three chord structure, and a hard downbeat. Though there aren't any obnoxious hand claps, listen for the break at the middle of the song marked by the Bo Diddley beat (a staple of early rock music like "I Want Candy"). Though The On/Offs take a lot of musical conventions from the past, "Forget Your Head" sounds incredibly fresh. I think that this is due to the minimalistic verses, which don't feature any drums but still build and build until the drums kick in again at the start of the chorus. If you like their current touring partner The Zutons, then I think you'll definitely like this band.

Myspace: The On/Offs
Audio: "Forget Your Head"
Audio: "54 Hours"


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