Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mellowdrone Returns

Myspace // "Elephant" [Audio] // "Wherever You May Go" [Audio]

To be honest, I totally forgot about Mellowdrone. Their early EPs and first album were excellent pieces of dark electronic indie, but in the ultrafast world of new media and the internet, there are five promising new bands every day, and any group that goes dormant for even a few months is bound to be forgotten by many.

When Mellowdrone returned this year, it took me awhile to give them a fair shake. I was buried under by so much other stuff it was tough to pay attention to yet another band.

Listening to their new album, I am liking what I hear. It's pure Mellowdrone -- the band has not lost a step, and for all of you that may have forgotten about them, give them another chance.

Their new album Angry Bear is out now on Coming Home Records.

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