Thursday, January 24, 2008

Skins Premiere Parties


Being that I am in the States, I got into Skins a bit late and a bit awkwardly, as I had to resort to watching episodes on Youtube. With only two episodes left to go in the first series, the show was inexplicably removed from the site. I still haven't seen the final episodes, but that's what DVD box sets are for!

Series two is set premiere on E4 on February 11th and in celebration, there are release parties throughout the UK. Further details are on the show's Myspace page. Additionally, they are offering up a free download from Operahouse. Past featured acts include Emmy The Great and Late of the Pier, so they definitely know which artists to pick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This website still has all of the skins episodes on it. :)

4:22 PM EST  

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