Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jason Choi & the Sea

[Photo Credit: Jason Gillis]

Myspace // "Leave The Night Behind" [mp3] // "More Than Many Sparrows" [mp3]

Jason Choi & the Sea's record label, Team Grizzly, describes Choi as “like the Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid.” He self-produced his own record, Leave the Night Behind, as well as co-produced Finland's Awake Arise the Great Untouchable, Will Farina's The Voice Around your Wrists, and Nicole Miglis’s upcoming, yet-to-be-named release. “Everybody in the Melbourne, FL, music scene looks up to him as sort of an indie rock grandfather,” Team Grizzly continues. The title isn’t arbitrary: he’s played with acts like Castanets, Madeline, Phosphorescent, Defiance, Ohio, the Living Blue, Scout’s Honor and a handful of others.


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