Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cut Off Your Hands

Like pretty much every blogger this side of the Mississippi, I fell in love with Cut Off Your Hands during CMJ
. Even though I'm not too fond of their haircuts or their choice of a band name, I have to give it to the little buggers from New Zealand... they're really freaking good. Their shows were characterized by a frenzied exuberance that only comes from the unrestrained arrogance of youth. And, maybe, a few too many drinks.

I feared that my high opinion of Cut Off Your Hands would change once I returned to "normal life," but their music still impresses two weeks later in a quiet apartment. Full of jangly guitars, big dance beats, and sing-a-long choruses, the band is everything I wish The Cribs would be... only better. Unfortunately, they won't be playing on this side of the world anytime soon so I'll have to make do with my copy of their EP, Blue on Blue.

[Myspace] Cut Off Your Hands
[mp3] "Still Fond"


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