Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CMJ 2k7 Preview: Tuesday

It's 12:43am and I just got back from seeing the Smashing Pumpkins play a two and a half hour show at the Orpheum. After an especially hectic day of work and a ton of second hand pot smoke from the thirty somethings in front of me at the show, I'm pretty tuckered out... so I apologize in advance for being lazy and putting this post in list form.

If you happen to be in New York for CMJ, I'd highly recommend checking out the following three bands tonight:

7:00pm Care Bears on Fire @ Crash Mansion
These little kids rock much harder than those brats in School of Rock. Playing bonafide punk/garage rock with killer hooks, you'd never imagine that these kids are actually kids. I saw them back in February at the Exitfare showcase and all I can say is wow.

[Myspace] Care Bears on Fire

10:00pm Oppenheimer @ Crash Mansion
If you haven't heard of this awesome electro-infused indie rock duo from Belfast, then you've obviously been living under a rock. They put on a killer show, make sure to check them out at one of their many dates at CMJ.

[Myspace] Oppenheimer

11:30pm The Rosewood Thieves @ Southpaw
If you like your indie rock mixed with a little folk and country, then you'll probably love this genre-bending group. I'm not too familiar with this band yet, but I plan to be...

[Myspace] The Rosewood Thieves


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