Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Mohawk Lodge

The Mohawk

I'm sure that every cool kid in Canada has heard of The Mohawk Lodge already. I always seem to be a few weeks late to the party when it comes to discovering the next super cool band. Hailing from Vancouver, The Mohawk Lodge plays a rootsy brand of indie rock that probably feels more at home around a campfire than on stage at a rock venue. With big throated vocals and slightly dischordant harmonies charmingly layered over flawless guitar accompaniment (be it dirty alt-country strumming on "Hard Times" or gorgeous acoustic plucking on "Making Music"), the songs are constructed in the perfect manner to allow the melody to shine. This band would probably appeal a broad spectrum of music fans, so check them out if you like bands as varied as Smog, Coldplay, and The Constantines.

[Myspace] The Mohawk Lodge
[mp3] "Wear 'Em Out"


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