Friday, August 17, 2007

New Video Alert: Manic Street Preachers

I suppose a lot of people wrote the Manics off a long time ago. After the brilliant one-two punches of The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go, the band started to fade away. They remained active, but with each subsequent release, there were few reasons to follow these guys unless you were a diehard. I kept buying their albums and singles, assuming that the band's best days were behind them, but still hoping for a few solid tracks.

With Send Away The Tigers, the band returns to form by only revisiting the past slightly. It's an album that contains the fire of youth, but filtered through the eyes of men approaching middle age, making it easy to put it next to the band's best work. The band's latest single is "Autumnsong," and this is the much better version of the video. If you're really that curious and you want to see the other one, then click

[Myspace] Manic Street Preachers


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