Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Arthur (2005-2009)

Myspace // "Wonder Weapon" [Audio]

Promising Fleet-based band Arthur called it quits on 22 July, an important piece of news I missed until today, thanks to being on the road for ten days. This was a real letdown as these guys were really coming into their own with their latest batch of songs. Here's the posting from their Myspace page:

Dear friends and fans....

We write this regretfully to inform you that we have decided to call it a day,due to personal reasons within the band.

We would like to thank everybody so so much for all your support over the last 4 years, and for making it worthwhile.

We have had great times which will not be forgotten, and we hope you will never forget us.

I am sure in the future that we will all be involved in music in some way or another. are two new songs we recorded a month or so ago.

Love to all,

Most of the band's previous output is available for free from this link.

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Anonymous saam FG said...

I was more a fan of their earlier singles but still a shame. Only found out through your post as well.

7:05 PM EDT  

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