Thursday, December 04, 2008

Flashback Thursday: The Stone Roses "She Bangs the Drums"

There are a few songs where the time and place that I first heard them are permanently ingrained in my brain. With the Stone Roses' "She Bangs the Drums," it was early on a Monday morning on 120 Minutes, I was perhaps 13 or 14, and I had to wake up for school in a few hours. Each Monday was a struggle to stay awake for me, but it was worth it -- I always had a playlist of new songs stuck in my head.

Although I was a few years late to the band, I was the nonetheless sold on the Roses' modern take on psychedelia, and they opened the doors for me to discover so many more modern British bands like two of my all time favorites, Saint Etienne and Manic Street Preachers.

Uniquely, this song brings back the memories of two times and places with the other being Big City, a pool hall in Boston. Whenever I went there to shoot a few games, I'd also put on this song, as it was one of the few redeemable albums they had available on their jukebox.

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Blogger Ryan said...

Love the Stone Roses.

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