Monday, January 21, 2008

Editors: Live at The Orpheum in Boston

"The Racing Rats"


I am not really sure if I gave the Editors newest album a fair shake. When it came out last year, I listened it to a few times, and outside of a couple great tunes (like "When Anger Shows"), I was pretty disappointed by it. Fast forward to this past Saturday where I found myself at their headlining gig with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV. I showed up early to meet up with Ryan and Sean, two Boston bloggers, to talk sports, politics, and yes, other bloggers. It was a good chat, especially to hear Sean's Office Space-esque work story and that he's still into Jamie T.

The highlight of the night was the Editors' set. It's been interesting to see them graduate through Boston venues as they've built their fanbase. They started out at Great Scott as a nervous unit with some great tunes, came back to own the stage at The Paradise and currently, as a fit and fighting group at the awkward (rock shows and seats do not mix) Orpheum. They meshed both of their albums into a tight set, showing that they were finally stars in their own right. The songs they played off of An End Has A Start were fleshed out and about twenty times better live. On my way to a friend's birthday party, I listened to the album again and enjoyed it.

And then I listened to Jamie T, whose album will never get old.


Anonymous Steph Moran said...

my highlight of the night: the sweet potato tempura maki roll at duozo! but the Editors were good as well.

3:34 PM EST  

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