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Bands are increasingly releasing their albums online for free, either as a "thank you" to loyal fans or as a gimmick to gain fans (depending on your level of cynicism). I personally lean to the "gimmicky" side of things, employing classical economics theory to rationalize that the album wouldn't be free if it were worth buying. My little theory was proved wrong on Tuesday, when Los Angeles band Wintergreen released their debut album (Around &) Around Again for free on Myspace. I hate being wrong, but I'll overlook that fact to delight in the awesomeness that is this record.

(Around &) Around Again showcases Wintergreen's knack for writing tightly constructed indie rock songs that toe the pop-friendly line. They remind me of turn of the century Death Cab For Cutie in this regard, i.e. the period when Ben Gibbard & Co. were increasingly writing pop songs but were still lo-fi and cool. But I digress... The album features all the hits from Wintergreen's debut EP, The Extended Play, including the jaunty "When I Wake Up" and the blustering "Last Dance." The new songs are just as good, if not better. My favorite is probably "Fall Apart," a 2 minute 22 second stunner that contrasts minimally orchestrated verses to a lush chorus in the most marvelous way. It's also totally addictive, a perfect song for summer.

[Myspace] Wintergreen
[Album] (Around &) Around Again


Blogger Sarah said...

I'm downloading the album as I type this. I can't wait to hear "Fall Apart"...I'm in need of a summer anthem.

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